Lampa UV rura PP


The Low Flowrate PP series is designed for disinfection in the most challenging and corrosive environments. The series features a compact 1-4 lamp setup, tailored for applications with low flowrate ranges. The series is based on over 25 years of experience with corrosive fluids, using Polypropylene material which has proven to be superior in warm salt water and other corrosive environments.



  • CFD optimized compact lamp setup for low flowrate applications
  • Non-corrosive Polypropylene material for exceptional durability in highly corrosive environments
  • Easy maintenance – Quartz sleeve and UV lamp replacements without the need for any tools
  • Guaranteed 9 000-hour ULTRATHERM™ lamp lifetime
  • Complete control with the customizable ULTRATOUCH™ control cabinets


Reactor configuration

Inline, U, L and Z-shape


1 m3/h (22 GPM) – 30 m3/h (38 MGD)

UV transmission (UVT%)

60 – 100%

Lamp type

ULTRATHERM™ Low-pressure High Output (LPHO)

Lamp lifetime

Guaranteed 9 000 hours

Equipped with the automated ULTRAWIPER™ wiping systems

Equipped with the automated ULTRAWIPER™ wiping systems, the PP series becomes an unbeatable water disinfection solution without the hindrance of complex and frequent maintenance. Paired with a control cabinet from non-corrosive GFRP materials, it is able to withstand even the most corrosive water environments found around the globe.