Lampa UV kanał otwarty SS klinowe


The Inclined Open Channel SS series offers safe, chemical-free disinfection for municipal and industrial wastewater disinfection. In 2001, the Inclined Open Channel series was engineered due to the industry’s dire need for a higher range of water level installations within municipal and industrial effluent applications. Since then, the design has been continuously optimized, with the latest lamp bank design offering up to 30% more depth options.



  • Up to 30% more depth options for lower water levels
  • High level of design versatility – customizable for virtually any channel dimension
  • Automated ULTRAWIPER™ quartz sleeve wiping technology – Stable disinfection process
  • Guaranteed 16 000-hour ULTRATHERM™ lamp lifetime with CFD optimized cross-line lamp arrangement
  • Available for wall mount installation
  • Convenient top compartment for easy maintenance
  • Advanced control cabinet providing UV dose, UVT, flow and power level parameters
  • Optional environment control equipment – UVT meter, UV water level sensor, weir, flow meter


Lamp configuration



5 m3/h (22 GPM) – 16000 m3/h (100 MGD)

UV transmission (UVT%)

20 – 100%

Lamp type

ULTRATHERM™ Low-pressure High Output (LPHO)

Lamp lifetime

Guaranteed 16 000 hours

The excellent construction versatility offers excellent installation conditions

The excellent construction versatility offers excellent installation conditions and retrofitting in various channel depths and widths, able for replacing older systems, integration into chlorine contact tanks, or other water treatment infrastructures.

The series features a sealed top compartment where the lamps, quartz sleeves, wiping motor, and UV sensors are easily accessed. This allows for quick, easy, and hygienic maintenance procedures without needing to remove the channel system from the rack. Additionally, the automated ULTRAWIPER™ technology ensures clean quartz sleeves with tailored brush heads for operational efficiency. The open channel system is also available in a vertical series.

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