Lampa UV rura SS


The MONORAY™ series offers reliable and efficient UV disinfection for a wide range of industrial and municipal water applications. The reactors and control cabinets are available in multiple configurations and can be customized for almost any flow rate and application requiring chemical-free UV disinfection.



  • Available in multiple configurations for different flow rates and applications
  • UV intensity monitoring based on ÖNORM certified sensor
  • High-grade electropolished stainless steel AISI 316L construction – Up to 30% energy savings with internal reflection
  • Guaranteed 16 000-hour ULTRATHERM™ lamp lifetime – Save up to 22% in operational costs
  • Easy maintenance – Quartz sleeve and UV lamp replacements without the need for any tools
  • Complete control with the customizable ULTRATOUCH™ control cabinets
  • Optional – Automated ULTRAWIPER™ quartz sleeve and sensor window wiping system


Reactor configuration

Inline, U, L and Z-shape


5 m3/h (22 GPM) – 6000 m3/h (38 MGD)

UV transmission (UVT%)

70 – 100%

Lamp type

ULTRATHERM™ Low-pressure High Output (LPHO)

Lamp lifetime

Guaranteed 16 000 hours

The MONORAY™ features exceptional lamp lifetime

The MONORAY™ features exceptional lamp lifetime through the integrated ULTRATHERM™ lamps, which offer the very latest low-pressure Amalgam UV lamp technology. The substantial 16.000 hours of lamp lifetime offers market-leading lamp efficiency in UV-C output density. The electropolished reactors provide up to 30% extra energy efficiency due to the internal reflection.

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